How to start a container garden

The benefits of organic gardening are wide known. The plants can make your home, yard, or your balcony a heavenly place where you can relax and take care of them. Whether you’d like to grow some fruits and vegetables, flowers, or simply some greenery you can build your own container garden that fits in your house, even if you do not have a lot of space.

So in order to raise healthy plants in containers, you have to know a few things about container gardening. Many types of plants can do well in containers, but it’s usually more stressful and risky for the plants to grow in containers versus in the ground. They tend to dry faster in containers so you need to water them more often. Also, they are more sensitive to weather changes either too hot or too cold. It’s not recommended to crowd plants in the pots, and you must use fertilizer since they can’t use many nutrients from the soil in a container.

1. You need to choose the right containers. It’s almost always the best to choose big containers so the plants can have constant moisture and their roots can grow freely. You need to make sure that the pots have the proper drainage holes because too much water can hurt the plants too.

2. Start small. If you are new to gardening, it’s better if you start with something smaller and easier to grow. And the perfect thing for newbies is herbs. You can use them in your cooking, or to make some tea. Herbs grow well in pots or containers.

3. Think about getting some windowboxes. Especially if you don’t have a garden or your balcony is always in the shade, windowboxes can be awesome. You can put them on any window you like and not only they will give you the satisfaction of gardening, but they will also make your windows look beautiful and smell heavenly.

4. Is there enough light? Plants need a lot of sun. Approximately, between 6 and 8 hours of sun daily. You need to put them in places that have a lot of sunshine. If they are at home, put them next to the windows where they can get the sunlight. You can choose what kinds of plants you can grow based on how much sunlight you can provide for them. It’s a good idea to buy a book about gardening, or to just ask some experts in the plant stores.

5. And last but to least, you need to remember to water your plants regularly! Depending on what you’re growing some plants need more water, and others are easy to over-water and rot in their roots. Feel the soil before watering them, if it’s moist, wait until it’s dry to water them.

Before you start planting any plants, you need to inform yourself about the different conditions that the different plants need to grow.