Small garden design ideas

Not everyone is blessed with a huge outdoor space. If you do not live in the suburbs or somewhere out of the city, chances are you have a tiny little yard. But that shouldn’t stop you from being creative and making the most out of your small garden. With a little effort and a lot of planning and innovative thinking you can make your garden a tiny little space of heaven.

1. First of all you need to start from the walls. If the walls are not looking good, your whole garden might not look good. To avoid your garden looking cramped, paint your walls with bright colors like white, yellow or baby blue. This will visually enlarge the space.

2. Make vertical gardens. This is not only space limiting, it’s also very beautiful looking. You can plant flowers, berries or even herbs like rosemary and basil. You can put a hex wire netting on your wall and then attach small flowerpots on it, or you can put wooden planks on the wall with openings that let the pots dangle. Another innovative option is to attach vertically, empty plastic soda bottles with openings in the middle filled with soil and plants, and hang them from a clothesline on the wall. Or you can just buy these vertical garden plants pockets.

3. Attach window boxes. These are great for growing strawberries, and you can get really creative with what you plant in there. You can arrange them on all the windows and this will contribute to the whole garden design.

4. Clever lighting is very important! For more romantic and elegant atmosphere you can put candles everywhere; just be careful, you do not want to cause a fire. You can make little holes in the wall and put candles in the holes. You can also add lanterns all over the place. Adding little light bulbs on the ground is also a very nice idea since the contrast will be awesome. You can even take out your Christmas lights and put them on the wall. Just be creative and have fun with it.

5. The positive thing about having a small garden is that you can cover it with terrace wood and make it look very expensive and urban. You can add big flowerpots with different kinds of plants and along with the good lighting this will look incredible. You can also arrange flowerpots of different shapes and sizes in groups, and it will look like one big piece of art.

6. If you have the ability, the money and ultimately the space, a little pond or a fountain is a great idea. You can install it in the corner of the garden and it will make a very relaxing atmosphere. The combination of water and plants will make you feel like you’re in the middle of the forest.

7. If you have a patio or terrace wood, you can add a little table in the middle and some big puffy pillows for sitting around the table. Gathering outdoors is always a great idea, and a very pleasant experience. Or maybe include built-in seating in a corner to keep your garden from feeling crowded.

8. You can occupy the place near the walls with thin trees. Even though the garden is small, if the sun is shining on it you might need a little bit of shade for it to be comfortable and for you to avoid getting sunburned while you’re hanging there.

9. You can even make your garden more enjoyable for your kids, grandchildren, nephews by making a little playground in your yard. Depending on how small your garden is, you can add some things in there for the little ones. An inflatable pool is always a good idea. You can always remove it afterwards, but if you have grass on the ground, it might damage it a little bit. You can add a trampoline in the corner and let the little ones have fun. If you have a really small garden, but you still want to make it a little bit more child-friendly you can attach a chalkboard on the wall. Buy chalks in different colors and encourage the artist in your child. You can put a wooden sandbox in the corner also.